An essential part of pharmaceutical packaging

Pharmaceutical products must always come with information on correct intake and dosage, as well as possible risks and side effects. They must also carry certain kinds of legal information. For doctors, pharmacists and patients, the most important source of such information is the leaflet. Thus it is an essential part of pharmaceutical packaging.

Leaflets nowadays have to perform a growing number of tasks, they must provide up to 30 percent more space for the text. Increasingly, they also include icons or pictures showing how to take medication and comply with the therapy. These requirements create a need for more space and larger formats, making it harder to manufacture and fold package leaflets using conventional production methods.

Print Packages offers a wide range of package leaflets for various requirements. The leaflets can be incorporated seamlessly into your packaging line to ensure that patients have reliable, easy access to all the information they need.

Our range of package leaflets includes the following variants:


The simplest kind of package insert

Print Packages can supply package inserts in a variety of sizes, formats and materials, tailored to your product and your production processes.



Perfectly matched to your production process

Print Packages thus offers you solutions that are perfectly matched to your production processes and enable you to print large amounts of information on proper use and safety.

Small folded

Easy insertion into the package

Small-format package leaflets are already folded to the final size. This means that you can insert them as they are into the pharmaceutical package.


Package leaflets with secure closure

Outserts are leaflets that are printed and folded small like package inserts.

Combined leaflets

Multiple components in one product

Print Packages offers you a wide range of ways to combine leaflets or other components.