Combination products


An all-in-one packaging solution

The procurement of complete packaging solutions across multiple suppliers is usually complicated and expensive.

This is why Print Packages, a system supplier for secondary pharmaceutical packaging, offers you folding cartons, package inserts and labels from a single source. It combines these elements to form an integrated product, considerably simplifying the procurement process.

Print Packages reduces your administrative outlay for secondary packaging to a single order, a single filling process and a single incoming goods inspection. It manufactures all components according to pharmaceutical quality standards and subjects them to continuous quality control.

That’s a guarantee. You get tailor-made, full-range solutions that satisfy all of your needs – simply, quickly and efficiently.


Folding cartons and labels

Nowadays, besides protecting products during storage and transport, pharmaceutical packaging performs a number of other tasks, like communicating important information. When properly combined, folding cartons and labels can create extra space for communication with doctors, pharmacists and patients.


Folding cartons and package inserts

Package inserts are often the most important information source for users of medication. By optimising your cartons and package inserts to work together, we can create packaging solutions that improve your pharmaceutical products in terms of compliance and convenience.