Folding cartons


Pharmaceutical packaging that is practical and sustainable

Folding cartons are favourite packaging solutions in all industries, and for good reasons: they are extremely versatile in form and function, can be designed in creative ways and are ideal carriers of information and advertising. They also protect the contents well and simplify storage and transport. Finally, they are made of cardboard, a sustainable raw material.

Print Packages has specialised in the design and manufacture of pharmaceutical packaging for many years. Its innovative solutions fully meet the exacting requirements of the industry pertaining to compliance and convenience. Whether you need standard folding cartons, a custom design, cut-to-size blanks or combination products, we can provide expert help all the way from consultation to the final product.

Proper packaging of medical products

Folding cartons are used in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries mainly as outer packaging for solid, liquid and semi-solid medical preparations. They also serve as packaging for medical equipment. Some important types of primary packaging are blister packs, ampoules, vials, pens, bottles, pre-filled syringes, jars, sachets and bags. The pharmaceutical industry places high demands on cardboard packages. The criteria include whiteness, bending rigidity, thickness, creasability and codability.

Our portfolio of folding cartons includes the following:

Standard folding cartons
Proven packaging solutions for pharmaceutical and medical products

Print Packages offers you a wide selection of standardised folding cartons, all of which meet the strict requirements of the German Medicinal Products Act, the GMP guidelines and FDA requirements.

Custom-tailored for your packaging line

Cut-outs are ready-made cardboard sheets that can be glued by packaging machines to make folding cartons. Cut-outs are also used to make unglued inserts, which can be incorporated into folding cartons manually or by machine

Customised solutions

Packaging solutions for special challenges

There are many cases in which standardised folding cartons cannot satisfy the packaging requirements for a medical or pharmaceutical product. Print Packages therefore also develops special designs that are matched to the application in question.

High-end finishing

More attractive at the point of sale

Packaging has a considerable influence on brand development, brand loyalty and sales success, and the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors are no exception.Print Packages has developed a wide range of finishing techniques to give your packages a special look and feel.

Combination products

Packaging solutions from a single source

Print Packages, a system supplier for secondary pharmaceutical packaging, offers you folding cartons, package inserts and labels from a single source.