Standard folding cartons


Pharmaceutical packaging that is practical and sustainable

Folding cartons are favourite packaging solutions in all industries, and for good reasons: they are extremely versatile in form and function, can be designed in creative ways and are ideal carriers of information and advertising. They also protect the contents well and simplify storage and transport. Finally, they are made of cardboard, a sustainable raw material.

Standard folding cartons are usually glued on a flap that runs along the longitudinal join. At the bottom they are securely closed by means of tuck-in flaps or hooked bottom flaps.

Our portfolio of STanding folding cartons includes the following:

Offset tuck-in flaps

Two dust flaps and one tuck-in flap are inserted at the bottom and top of the folding carton. This space-saving, economical solution is used especially for protecting lightweight objects from dust, light and moisture. The system can be additionally reinforced by means of insertion slots.

Opposite tuck-in flaps

The principle is the same as with offset tuck-in flaps except that here the flaps are on the same side.

Hooked bottom

Consists of four tuck-in flaps that interlock when the folding carton is put together. Thus the carton closes securely without the use of glue. This option is especially suitable for heavier products. A tuck-in flap at the top ensures easy opening and protects the contents from dust, light and moisture. The package is also very easy to fill.

Savings potential

Standard folding cartons take up very little space when flat. This saves costs in storage and transport. They can be easily and quickly folded into shape, either manually or by automatic machinery. This makes them practical and economical packaging solutions for a wide range of pharmaceutical and medical products.