Customised solutions


Problem-solving packaging solutions

There are many cases in which standardised folding cartons cannot satisfy the packaging requirements for a medical or pharmaceutical product.
When a customer has specific, complex needs, a custom solution is necessary.

Print Packages therefore also develops special designs that are matched to the application in question.
If you have this kind of problem, you can benefit from our many years of experience as a system supplier and our extensive know-how as a manufacturer of secondary packaging for pharmaceutical products. We also manufacture everything in-house.

Our special designs

Folding cartons with interior compartments
Folding carton with inner chamber

Folding cartons with a inner chamber can be automatically joined with another product and bonded to each other. The integrated product is fitted perfectly to the floor element of the inner chamber. The large opening aid and perforations on the floor element make it easy to remove the integrated product and at the same time provide access to the packaging contents.

Folding cartons with variable inserts

The ideal solution for fragile, high-quality pharmaceutical products. A cardboard insert secures the contents against impacts. The inserts can be designed flexibly, provide reliable protection and have no plastic parts – for maximum sustainability. They are also an effective means of compensating height differences between different products.

Folding cartons with automatic bottom

In this design the flaps at the base are folded after printing and joined using adhesive dots. The carton can be set up and filled in just a few steps. This saves time in assembly and money in storage. The carton is also very sturdy and can easily hold heavy objects like cans and jars.

Easy-to-open packaging

This special mechanism makes it easy for patients to open the carton and take their medicine. The elderly and people with disabilities benefit in particular. The closure is available for a number of different packaging variants and can easily be processed by automatic equipment.

Modular packaging concepts

Our modular packaging concepts offer you improved flexibility in the packaging process. With just one pack size, you can quickly adapt and model your production processes to the life cycle of your product. These All Paper Solutions consist of 100% mono-material and are therefore completely recyclable.